Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Greta's Tiny Turret Nursery

Greta's big girl room (someday, I'll have my home professionally photographed. Until then, this'll have to do. Sorry!)
Last week, I promised a mood board showing what I'm pulling together for (my daughter) Greta's impending transition to a big kid bed but I realized today that other than a single picture on Instagram, I haven't detailed of her sweet nursery yet! So I'm going to share sources for her nursery today and will be back tomorrow with the mood board for her "big girl " room.

Greta's room when we first moved in. That mayonnaise-colored paint still haunts my dreams
Our daughter's nursery has to be one of my favorite spaces in our house which is kind of odd since it's only 100 square feet and is completely round.  Yep, you read that right, the room -- located in the turret of our century-old Victorian -- is completely round.  And yes, that definitely posed problems during the design process (read: lots of hysterical pregnancy-induced rants about furniture-to-circulation-ratio, drapery hardware, a rug, clothing & toy storage and anything else you could think of) but the natural light in the space is divine and once we got creative with storage solutions, things  fell into place and the room came together very quickly ... which is good because Greta arrived almost 3 weeks early!

    greta's room
    Another view showing the chandelier and drapery rod...
Because the room has no straight walls, I initially thought I'd just put the crib in the middle of the room but once I laid that out in a floorplan I realized that placement would mean that there wouldn't be room for anything else. Which meant that I needed to source/create smaller-scale items with curves that would shadow the rounded walls of the room. And that's how we got to her sweet nursery: an oval crib, a small-scale chair, bookcase and custom-bent drapery hardware meant that we were able to use the space as efficiently as possible and allowed the small room to feel light & airy. In terms of color & patterm, we left things very simple -- 100 square feet can get busy very quickly! -- using a soft wall color, white furniture & pops of color from accent pieces, textiles, art and, of course, her books and toys.

Here's a mood board and source list to break everything down; be sure to check back tomorrow to see what I'm planning for her next space!


Paint: Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. It's a gorgeous soft color that reads as both a neutral and a color; it's definitely one of my all-time favorites.

Crib: This was definitely our splurge in the room but it really made the rest of the space useable so it was necessary. Plus, it's gorgeous. So there's that.

Crib Sheet: We stuck with a simple white jersey crib sheet. Because of the unique dimensions, Sleepi sheets are often very expensive; this is the best price I found on them (and it's a great sheet; we're still using them almost 3 years later).

Mobile: I love this thing; and for over 2 years, we've said good night to each animal at bedtime. Moving Greta to her new room and taking this down is going to be a very sad moment for me.

Rug: I love everything about this rug and you really can't beat the price.

Chandelier: I found ours on eBay, spray-painted it white and then had it re-wired. Here's another one that's very similar in scale, look and price.

Arm Chair: We bought this when Rett was born and just opted to get a fresh slipcover when we moved it into Greta's room. If you don't need a rocker/glider and have a small space, I *highly* suggest this chair. It's comfortable, classic and so affordable.

Kantha Textiles: When I found this textile on etsy, I fell hard and knew that I *had* to use it in the nursery. It's happy & bright but not childish; I love it so much that I am considering using it the next time around as well.

Floor Lamp: I was so sad when I learned that Ikea had discontinued the Kulla Lamp; it's such a a classic design. But here's one that's got very similar lines (though the price point isn't as fabulous).

Pouf: I love this thing and so does Greta. It's discontinued now but here's one that's essentially the same thing.

Dresser: I found hers on Craig's List and painted it white (it lives in an alcove just outside of her room) but I love this one.

Side Table: My mother gave us an antique prayer bench from New Mexico and its small scale and gorgeous coral hue made it a perfect fit for a side table in the nursery. Here's one that's readily available that has the same rustic feel.

Bookcase: My husband's grandfather made this over 60 years ago. It fits perfectly between two of the three windows in the room and is a little battered ( I love it that way) but if you haven't inherited a strangely narrow bookcase and can't find one worth painting, you can find a similar one here.

Books: I adore this line of books and Greta has loved them since the day she was born. THey make a wonderful gift and a fabulous start to a child's personal library.

Frames: I love these frames and have used them throughout our house. In Greta's room, I took one of Rett's more colorful paintings and trimmed it down so that it fit into two of the frames. It's still one of my favorite parts of the room.

Painting: We inherited the painting in Greta's room (which doesn't actually show up in the header image) and it just happened to fit perfectly. If we hadn't lucked out, I probably would have purchased one of these lovely little paintings; I adore the personality in each of the faces and you really can't beat the price.

Curtain Hardware: I knew that wanted a continuous rod that extended past all three windows in the room and I knew that there wouldn't be any stock product that worked so I hired a friend/contractor to bend some plumbing pipe to the right dimensions. Then I spray painted the rods black, connected them and hung them from these simple brackets. I absolutely adore the pop of black in the space.

Curtains: We bought simple white thermal curtains and just added clip rings like these; they're honestly my favorite curtains in the house.

Wooden Shades: We used these throughout our house and have been really pleased with them.

Laundry Hamper: I love Senagalese lidded hampers; it makes dirty laundry much more bearable. I found mine at HomeGoods for less than $50 (they seem to have them pretty regularly these days) but I do love this version.

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