Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Greta's "Big Girl" Bedroom

Yesterday I shared Greta's Tiny Turret Nursery and today I'm sharing the mood board (with sources!) that I've been pulling together as we prepare to transition her to a "big girl" bed in a few months.

As you can probably tell from yesterday's photos, her nursery -- in all its 100 square foot glory -- will be too small when she transitions out of the Stokke crib so she'll be moving out of her current room (which is attached to our master bedroom) to ... well, we're not sure yet. We might move her into our current guest room -- where we've actually been sleeping for almost a year so as not to disturb Senorita Sassypants -- we might be moving to another house ... it's all an unknown at the moment (and that's why there's not a floorplan to accompany the mood board).  But that is not keeping me from hoarding gathering items that I know she will love and that work with what we already have.

Since I/we/she adores her current set-up (our littlest loves her tiny room and will play up there happily for extended periods), I'm really trying to build on what we already have. Not only will this save money but it will also (hopefully) make her transition to a bed that much easier since she'll still see the many of the items that she's accustomed to be surrounded by ... just in a different way.


Here's a breakdown of all the items we're plannning on popping into the space...

Jenny Lind bed (Pair) - $300 on Craig's List. We actually bought these for our son Rett's room a few years ago but he's now desperate for bunk beds so we'll be using these for Greta. Similar headboards are available here for roughly the same price. These are also still available (I have no idea why; they're awesome).

Daschund Bookends - Greta is obsessed with dogs of all kinds so she'll die over these book-ends. And so will I.

Tole Chandelier - $50 on eBay + $30 to have it rewired. Yep, she's most likely taking this with her to the next room. Similar here though without as many arms.

Kantha Quilt (Pair) - $35 each. This is the same pattern that I chose for Greta's nursery and I still love it so much that  I plan on having twin quilts made from the same material and folding them at the foot of the bed. My beloved $20 white coverlet will serve as the "primary quilt" with simple white sheets and pillows. Crisp, clean, classic ... and easily bleached if need be. Because, well, kids.

 Hmong Sham (Pair) - $90 each. I've been wanting to add some Hmong textiles to my home for ages (I wrote about them as one of my very first posts). This particular pattern will work so nicely with the kantha; I love that sweet shot of fuschia running through it.

Otomi Pillow (Pair) - $44 each. told you I was going to find a way to have some of these in my life; MVD keeps her worked.

Upholstered Stool (Pair) - $100 on Craig's List. I actually bought the stools we'll use over a year ago; they were in perfect shape and the colors worked so beautifully with the beloved Kantha material that I'm planing on using more of that I just couldn't resist when they popped up. But if I didn't have a pair in hand to go at the foot of each bed, I'd be snapping these up in a hot second.  That is *alot* of awesomeness for less than $100!

Bedside Table/Bookcase - $40 from a local thrift shop. Much as we love the bookcase built by her great grandfather (yep, the same one who hooked rugs), our girl is an avid "reader" and she already needs more book storage. I picked up one just like this for a song -- although the price of this one is pretty great! -- and think it will work beautifully as a bedside table / bookcase. If it doesn't work in her space, I'm sure I'll be able to find a home for it somewhere else.

Paint - Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. I'm going back and forth  on this one; part of me really just wants to use this color again (it is such a fantastic color) but part of me wants something new. For today, we're sticking with it. 

Dresser - $100 on Craig's List. Similar here though at a higher price-point.

Fabric Bird Hanging (Pair) - $6.99 each. Greta's big brother Rett has these in his room and she's fascinated by them. And I love the idea of her being surrounded by items from around the globe so these will definitely taking up residence somewhere in the room.

Goose Lawn Ornament Night Light - $25.00 on eBay. When I was growing up the older sister of a friend had one of these as a night light and I've wanted one ever since. So glad to have a chance (our son Rett got sofreaked out when I tried it in his room) Ours is vintage but they're still available  -- and made in the USA (must insert lamp portion) at a very similar price here

Sisal Rug - $@250. Our sweet little round rug most likely won't work in the new space but we've really loved the look and the durability so we'll be buying something similar. I've honed in on this one and have my fingers crossed that the right size will be available once we figure out where she'll be going!

Vintage Throw Rug - $10.00 at a thrift shop (+ the cost of having it cleaned). I stumbled upon a small (4x6-ish) vintage  purple Chinese Deco Rug at an antique for the unheard of price of $10 and scooped it up. I plan on layering it over the sisal between the two beds. I love the look of layered rugs and I love the impact one gets from a vintage rug. There are tons of vintage rugs on eBay & etsy these days but there are also new rugs that look old; I think this one is particularly punchy and fabulous if you need something a little larger (and the price is pretty good too!). If that's too pricey, this one's got some kick as well and the price is wonderfully-low.

Mirror (Pair) - $179.99. I've been kind of obsessed with these mirrors for several months and I love the idea of one hanging above each of the Jenny Lind beds. Now that they're on sale for 50% off their original price, I've decided to bite the bullet and pick them up. 

Hedgehog Table Lamp - $49.99. It's a lamp. It's a hedgehog. It's AWESOME.

Pouf - $40 at Target. Sadly no longer available. Similar here.
Arm Chair $229 + $25 for the cover. We always have a spare cover on hand as well. Just in case because, you know, kids.

Floor Lamp - $60 from IKEA. Unfortunately, this style is now discontinued. Similar here (though at a much higher price point)


  1. Kate Cuddihy BassettMarch 11, 2015 at 5:28 AM

    Are you kidding me? That gorgeous quilt is only $35??!!!

  2. I know, right??!?! In shops, kantha quilts are always so obscenely overpriced but when you buy them direct from the source, they're so much more affordable (and the exact same product).