Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Currently Coveting // Outdoor Showers

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This Sunday's spring-like weather ( yes, temperatures in the upper 40s feels like spring after the winter we've had ) made me that much more anxious for warm weather. And getting to take an outdoor shower again.

I have a major thing for outdoor showers and I'm incredibly lucky to have in-laws with a lovely version at their hilltop Cape house. It's not fancy by any means but it has gorgeous, sweeping views of the woods surrounding their home and in my mind, it's the perfect ending to a beach day ( best enjoyed just prior to cocktail hour ). Sweet, sweet bliss.

Since it's safe to assume that there are at least three more months before it's warm enough to partake in one *sob*, I spent some time this weekend indulging in a little outdoor shower eye candy and figured that I'd share ... because who doesn't want to imagine themselves bathing in these gorgeous exterior spaces??? So let's begin ...

Shiplap? Black trim? Climbing roses? Sign me up...

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Definitely not private but wow, that's one seriously pretty way to rinse your feet ( and the brick pattern? Slays me )...

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The dark wood siding and simple mid-century lines remind me of the one I'm used to on the Cape...
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Let's all just pause and enjoy a moment of silence for the sweet perfection that is this little pool house cabana...

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Another one that reminds me so much of the Cape. Side note: I need to sell my mother-in-law on planting ferns around the house; I just love them...

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If you're like me and love to indulge in a good shower -- indoors or out -- I'd highly suggest stocking up on some of organic body scrub ASAP because it's amazing and they're currently having a 50% off spring cleaning sale (they've redesigned their packaging and need to clear the shelves).

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I picked up a couple of jars last week after hearing rave reviews about it and am now totally hooked. Made entirely of natural ingredients, this stuff exfoliates beautifully without being harsh and hydrates without being oily (yay for no slipping in the shower!) and it's so wonderfully moisturizing that I haven't had to apply lotion once after using it.

 I'm in beauty product love and will be ordering more this week before the sale ends for sure (and no, this isn't a sponsored post, I'm just love sharing a good find and a great sale)!

And finally,  while this obviously isn't an outdoor shower, can I get a HELLYES?!?! Outdoor living perfection...

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Here's the spring & summer -- and all the glories encapsulated within them -- may they hurry up and get here soon!

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