Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // A Beautiful & Large Turkish Kilim (Available Nationwide!)

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Of all the things clients, friends and family struggle with when it comes to their interior spaces, it's rugs that I get asked about most often. I'd say that I receive 2-3 questions per week about what kind of rug to choose, what colorway to use, what a fair price is, etc. And I can honestly understand their confusion, the rug is literally the foundation upon which a room is built and there are so many options, sizes, colorways and price points that making the "right" choice without spending a fortune can seem overwhelming.

Here's what I tell my clients: if you want to get a vibrantly-colored rug then stick to furniture pieces in solids (or very, very quiet patterns). This doesn't mean that you have to stick to neutral colors or that you can't incorporate texture (in fact, always incorporate texture), it just means don't go pattern-crazy. You can have patterned accent pieces like pillows and throws but your large-scale pieces shouldn't be in direct competition with your rug. If you want to have lots of pattern in your upholstery then stick to either a really muted pattern (tone on tone), a very simple pattern (like b&w stripes) or a simple textured rug (like a sisal).

Now, with all that said, it is possible to find a unique, well-sized and beautiful rug that will see you through several years of love and use at a really fair price if you're willing to dig through some duds ... and, in all likelihood, if you're willing to take a chance. And that takes us to this week's Thrifted (okay, not really thrifted but I wanted to offer something available to everyone!) find. This rug is what it's all about...

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Kilim carpets (a flat woven rug produced from the Balkans to Pakistan) have been around for years but are enjoying a resurgence right now because their patterns are so livable, they're vibrantly-colored and are incredibly versatile & durable. That popularity, however, has led to an increase in prices; a 6x9 kilim at a shop like Crate & Barrel or West Elm will generally cost around $500-700. So I was excited to see this beautiful Kilim in lovely warm colors (read: will work with so many things) on ecarpetgallery for $221.00 with free shipping (Bonus: sign up to receive their newsletters before purchasing the rug and you can get an additional 10% off; see the link at the bottom of the homepage). 

I would NOT, however, suggest paying the additional $80.00 for the rug pad they're selling. Instead, I'd hop over to Wayfair and get this one for $30.00. I've used it many times with great success.

Trust me when I say that this is a steal and that you'll be incredibly happy that you took a chance and ordered a rug off the interwebs.

PS - If you're interested in this rug but you're not sure if the 6'-0" x 9'-3" size will work for you, check out this post on choosing the right rug size for your space by the uber-talented stylist Emily Henderson.

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