Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Currently Coveting // Josh Rosebrook's Moisturizing Cleanser

Over the holidays, after reading a few articles/blog posts about the long-term effects of some of the ingredients in many of the name-brand beauty products I used, I became determined to switch over to natural products with fewer/no chemicals. Since the sweet and chic Follain focuses on offering just that -- effective beauty products with all-natural ingredients -- I decided to check out their location in Boston's South End to see what I could find. After 10 minutes chatting with a lovely salesperson who knew far too much about my lifestyle just by glancing at my skin, she directed me towards Josh Rosebrook's Moisturizing Cleanser and my skin will be forever in her debt. This stuff is really incredible; I've always had combination skin but over the past few years -- yay for the joys of one's mid-30s! -- it's started to feel incredibly dull yet prone to break-outs all winter. I'd already opted to invest in the Clarisonic Mia  to help exfoliate and hopefully prevent some of those break-outs but when I started to use it in conjunction with the the moisturizing cleanser, my breakouts were reduced immeasurably, my skin's started to feel so much softer and the fine lines around my eyes and mouth aren't nearly as noticeable. And to top it off, it smells gorgeous!
No, it's not cheap but a little really does go a long way; I figured the $55 bottle will last me 3.5 - 4 months and since I'm now using significantly less acne product and far less make-up, it will probably even out in the end from a cost perspective. But honestly, even if it costs more, I think it's worth it. I love how hydrated my skin feels, how dewy it looks and how happy it obviously is with the switch.

If you're looking for something that's completely natural (you'll be able to read and recognize every ingredient) that really does moisturize as it cleanses, I highly recommend giving this stuff a try. And if you know of another all-natural product that works, please let me know!

*** PS -- If you're in Boston or DC and can get into a Follain shop, definitely check out their refillable hand soaps; they're incredibly moisturizing and smell insane. You choose your bottle size (the bottle alone makes it worth the purchase; it's lovely), choose your scent (my favorites are lavender and teak) and then just bring back the bottle for a very inexpensive refill when you're on empty. It's an easy, gorgeous, chic and affordable way to be environmentally concious.***


  1. My skin also gets incredibly dull yet still prone to breakouts in winter -- I'm adding this cleanser to my "MUST BUY" list!! Thanks for the tip!

    Sed Bona

  2. Enjoy; it really is amazing stuff! I doubt I'll ever be caught without it again...

  3. Hi Meghann! I am definitely going to try this cleanser! Have you used any of the other products? Toner? Moisturizer?

  4. Hi Katie-

    So glad you're going to try it; it's really been
    amazing and I honestly can't say enough good things about it! I haven't
    used any of his other products but I'm really considering trying them
    once I've finished up my current bottles of Clarins products. I've also
    heard fabulous things about his haircare products and would love to give
    those a whirl.

    Good luck; hope you love it as much as I do!

    PS -- Sorry for the delayed response; we were traveling abroad and Discus wouldn't let me post from Mexico!

  5. Hello ladies, I totally share the excitement around Josh Rosebrook products! I haven't tried this particular one, but I am deeply addicted to his Deep Hydrating Serum, it smells like vanilla pancakes and comforts the skin so nicely! I've wrote about it here -

    Oly | TLV Birdie Blog

  6. Thanks Oly;! I've been eyeing that one as well (who am I kidding, I've been eyeing the entire line!) but wasn't sure if it would work with my skin. Adding it to my list now though; thanks for the head's up! Have you, by any chance, used the Oculus product? I'm dying to know what people think...

  7. This face wash is life changing. Totally worth the $$$. I also loved my Mia, but after my fourth one stopped working I just could spend the money again (I drop things a lot in the shower). INDIEbungalow