Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // A Pair of Antique Oak Chairs

mismatched chairs in dining room
There is little I like more than a beautiful antique wooden chair. I grew up surrounded by them (they are also a favorite of my antique-obsessed mother) and I really think that a beautifully-wrought wood chair is essentially a useable piece of sculpture.

antique oak chairs
Given how hard it's become to find them, I was really excited when these two chairs popped up this week for only $200 while I was searching Craig's List for something else entirely.  I fell hard for their lines; they remind me of something you'd see Darryl Carter use because the wood has such beautiful honey-colored patina and the combination of the scrolled arm and the arrowback make them so unique.

With their clean and classic lines, I think they'd look equally lovely at the head and foot of a farm table with more modern chairs or benches filling out the seating or amongst a mix of wooden chairs in the same tonal family around a large pedestal table. However they're used, they're a steal at $100/chair ... really hoping that someone snags these!

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