Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // Moroccan Brass Table

moroccan tray table
I'm practically salivating looking at this picture; I'm already over winter! ( via )
I'm really into mixing metals these days: brass, chrome, pewter, bronze and wrought iron can all blend together beautifully to create a uniquely layered space. If you're nervous about adding brass to your home (I understand; it's hard to let go of images of the ugly chintzy brass so popular in the '90s), a Moroccan-style brass tray table is a great way to get your feet wet. Because the base is usually made of either wood or iron and the brass is generally dull rather than shiny, these little tables are a perfect way to add a little golden soul to your space without it feeling overwhelming.

Given their popularity, these tables generally run around $250-300 on CL and go as high as $1300 on sites like so I was pleasantly surprised to come across this one for $50.

( via )
I adore the  rattan base and it looks to be in great shape (the finish just needs a little touch-up around the base). Wouldn't it look gorgeous in a small living room or out on a patio once the weather warms up (which I need to happen soon so I don't lose my mind!)

If you like the look of the table but aren't in the Boston area, several retailers have versions available including this one and this one.

PS - How great would these look at the end of a bed? I'd pair them with this blanket, and a gorgeous blue kantha quilt . Instant Boho-chic ... for $80.

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