Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thrifted Thursday // 4 Knoll Saarinen Executive Swivel Chairs

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Someday I hope to have a studio outside of my home where I can hold meetings with clients without the risk of a little one asking me for a glass of milk (dream big, I say). And if I already had said space, these four vintage Saarinen Executive arm chairs on casters would already be there. But seeing as I'm not there (yet), I'm sharing these with you all in the meantime.

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There is little more perfect in the world than the lines of one of these beauties. I use one as my desk chair and it's perfect: not too big, not too small, extremely comfortable, beautiful and classic. It will *never* go out of style. Ever. Worried about investing in something that's going to look dated in 3 years? Don't have to with these; promise. And at less than $400 for all four (!),  they're are a HUGE deal. Still not sure? Then take a look at this reupholstered pair. Mhmm; a bargain.

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Is the fabric perfect? No. But it's in pretty good shape and is totally usable as-is. And it can always be recovered (read: please recover at earliest convenience). If it was me I'd do something similar to the top and reupholster them in a distressed leather (or a nubby wool) but the lines of these beauties can handle pretty almost anything..

These would be equally at home in an office conference room or around a small dining or game table; like I said, they're classic. So do yourself a favor and BUY THEM (that's my version of subliminal messaging right there). And if you're in love but not in Boston, here's another set of 4 in Brooklyn for roughly the same price ... and that seller will ship.

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