Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Look for Less // The It's Complicated Movie Set

The only movie set exterior possibly better than this one? Father of The Bride ... also directed by Myers (via)

This weekend, I watched It's Complicated for something like the 30th time. Yes, it's a good movie with an amazing cast ... but really? I watch it for the set design.

Here's how it generally goes: I have a crappy day (this one involved me trying to keep up with an exceptionally perky 20-year-old during cardio kick-boxing, essentially throwing out my back doing a burpee and then limping to my doctor for medication. I know, I know) and I after I get my kiddos to bed,  all I want to do is disappear into a lovely space wrapped up in a sweet storyline with a happy ending. Well, that ... and a large vodka soda (w/ two limes). If I didn't have movies like this to disappear into on days like those, I'd end up looking like this an awful lot:

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Not pretty. So to review: cocktail + beautiful set + predictably-sweet story line = sense of calm for this lady.  And given those parameters, It's Complicated easily has easily become my go-to. Because this...

living room
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... and this...

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... are two of the coziest, warmest and softest spaces I've seen on the screen thus far.

Amiright? It's all just so inviting.  I mean, this movie came out in 2009 and I'm a design professional (read: always looking for something new) and yet -- due to the way that the rooms' textures and subtle color shifts are layered --  I doubt I'll ever tire of the classic proportions and squishy (yes, squishy)  lines of these rooms. The spaces are comfortable; they're neutral but they feel lived in, loved and collected ... and that, in a nutshell, is good design.

So in homage  to Production Designer John Hutman -- the man responsible for the movie's interiors (along with the sets of Something's Gotta Give and The Holiday) -- here's an incredibly budget-friendly interpretation of Jane's (i.e. Meryl's) living & dining rooms. I'll admit that it pains me that all these items are new -- truly great design has a mix of old and new -- but all of these pieces could easily be married to existing antiques or new vintage finds to create a wonderfully welcoming  and cohesive whole. And yes, it looks very, very neutral here but once a person/family's books, photos, artwork (I'd suggest black frames for artwork on the walls) and cherished items are added to the space it will have an added layer of color and texture that will give it the depth it needs. Enjoy!

The Breakdown:

Sofa: $399
Coffee Table: $314
Upholstered Chair: $199
Ottoman: $100
Accent Chair:  $430
Wood & Metal Side Table: $280
Wood Side Table: $72.50
Sisal Rug (8x10 size selected): $407
8x10 Rug pad (trust me; it's worth the extra money): $45 
Console Table: $240

Table Lamps: $45 each
Solid Throw Pillow:  $31.11 each
Patterned Throw Pillow: $29.60 each
Throw Blanket: $79.00

Dining Table: $300 (final sale so purchase soon!)
Dining Chairs: $200
Stools: $280 (No, these aren't a match to what's shown but I just couldn't help offering the addition of another layer of texture)


  1. I love that movie so mcuch and watch it all the time. Thank you so much for sharing! That dining room table is sucha steal!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jill and yes, that table is definitely a steal...

  2. such a good one! i loved the decor in this movie. so inviting and cozy. thank you!
    xo megan

    1. Glad I'm not alone in loving that interior; thanks for stopping by Meg!