Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Styling Secret // The Ultimate White Coverlet (and it's only $20)

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In my opinion, there is nothing more timeless and chic than a white coverlet crisply-tucked in on a bed. Pair it with white euro shams, a couple of decorative pillows and a lovely patterned coverlet, quilt or duvet rolled at the foot of the bed and you've just created the ultimate in boudoir beautiful.

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Sounds easy, right? There are white blankets of all kinds available at stores everywhere. But finding the right kind of white blanket is actually wayyyy harder than you'd think without spending an obscene amount of money. A good coverlet needs to feel substantial; there has to be some weight to it so it maintains that tailored look (and so you don't freeze while sleeping under it!) but it can't be overly heavy and its pattern needs to be simple enough that it'll work with whatever decorative bedding choices you make over time (I don't know about you but I like to change up my linens pretty frequently).

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Over the course of several years, I spent a TON of money searching for the right blanket (think really, really nice weekend away in NYC). And none of the ones I tried worked. Either they didn't hold their shape properly or the pattern wasn't right or the material wasn't washing-machine friendly (an absolute must when you've got kids with a propensity to turn every mattress into a trampoline). I was beyond frustrated.

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And then I stumbled upon the Indira bedspread from Ikea. This sucker is like the holy grail of bedding: it's beautiful, it's durable, it looks luxurious paired with pretty much anything and it's ONLY $20 dollars!!!
I now have this blanket on every single bed in my house and I keep a linen closet full of "back-ups" (you never know when they'll discontinue something and I'm not taking any chances). It looks beautiful no matter what it's paired with and it washes & drys so easily.  It is, quite honestly, a cotton miracle; trust me.


  1. Too funny. I go the white linen route also and have been looking for a white coverlet. Right now I have a duvet (IKEA, natch) for late fall/winter/early spring, and have been searching for a coverlet forever. Off to IKEA I go, so happy to have an excuse!

  2. Hi Kate - You're going to love this one; promise! Just keep in mind that there are two sizes; if you're looking for a twin/full go with the smaller one ($17), definitely go for the big one ($20) for queen & king-sized mattresses.