Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wanderlust // Packing for Tulum

Sunset at the Ana y José Charming Hotel & Spa(aahhh)... (via)
The weather in Boston is BRUTAL this week. I know I shouldn't complain -- we're not being forced to live in the Northeast by any means -- but every year, the cold stupidly shocks me. Yes, this makes me an idiot and no, admitting this publicly won't stop me from feeling the same way next year. So that's settled.

Anyway, yesterday's post on last summer's trip to France only served to increase my current obsession with warm weather anything. Thankfully, over the holidays my mother-in-law decided that she needed to really get away and is very kindly letting us tag along *halle-friggin-lujah*. We'll be heading to Tulum for a few days of sun, sand & surf at the beautiful Ana and José Charming Hotel & Spa and I couldn't be more excited.

The hotel's restaurant has a sand floor. Dinner with my toes in the sand? Yes please!  (credit unknown)
I've spent time in South American and the Caribbean but I've never visited Mexico and have always wanted to go and to Tulum in particular: the beaches, the cenotes, the ruins, the yoga and the lack of annoying spring-breaking college students all sound fantastic. All the excitement has me in full-on mental packing mode (probably not a shocker to anyone that I'm one of those people who has a packing list started at least 6 weeks before any trip longer than 3 days) so just for fun, I've created a visual "dream" pack. Some is stuff that I'll definitely taking with me, some is stuff that I'm hoping to take and some is stuff that I'll only be taking if I miraculously drop 10 pounds in the next 4 weeks. Of course, in reality my bag will be filled with lots of other things that I'll end up not needing but will feel obligated to take "just in case" but hey, this is a *dream* vacation pack so I'm going to pretend that I am the ultimate in minimalist packing and that my cellulite will magically disappear overnight...


Sneakers (for travel)// I just bought these. LOVE.

Pants // (for travel & date night dinner) // I can't say enough about these pants. They can be dressed up (silky top) or down (simple white tee) and are super-flattering either way. Two enthusiastic thumbs up (and totally worth the money).

Gizeh Flip Flops// I have these and they're amazing. Flattering, comfortable and versatile.

Sleeveless Tee// I am in love with this top; I'm planning on wearing a cozy black sweater over it for the plane ride and then showing some arm once we arrive.

Aviator Sunnies// Anyone who knows me knows that I have an obsession with sunglasses. These have been a part of my arsenal for almost a decade and they're still going strong (hint: if you have a narrow face, go for the small -- or even the kids-sized -- version).

Raceback Tank Dress// This looks sooooo comfortable. Plus it has stripes and as anyone who's seen me more than three times can testify, I have a thing for stripes.

Bag// Been obsessed with this bag for months now (monogrammed of course). I just got the tote and love it and the reviews for this are really favorable. It says that they're back-ordered through April but I've heard that they might be getting some back in stock soon ... fingers crossed.

Sunscreen// Lots and lots of sunscreen. Duh.

Clutch// My sweet husband got me a monogrammed version of this last year for our anniversary. It's all kinds of awesome and will be perfect for a night out.

Beach Cover-up// I just bought this LemLem tunic  (how can you resist at 70% off the original price?); it's gorgeous and I can't wait to wear it. Today's the last day to get an extra 40% off the current sale price!

Lip Balm with SPF// I am full-on addicted to lip balm; I wear it instead of lipstick. I've finally shaken my hard-core Camex addiction using this stuff (it isn't harmful to your body) ... and this version has SPF.

Classic Black Bikini Bottom// I need to invest in a new classic black 'kini and I love the way J.crew bottoms fit (they cover my bum nicely). They also have a monogram option and I'm all over that.

Classic Black Bikini Top// Can't go wrong with a classic black suit and string bikini tops are my favorite, hands down.

Moisturizer with SPF 40// Friends don't let friends leave their faces to the elements and this stuff is awesome (it's very light).

 Panama Hat// I bought one just like this one last summer while in France and wore it everywhere. Perfect amount of shade coverage, it can be dressed up and down ... all around love.

Oversized Sunnies// Again with the sunglasses? Yes, again. Tom Ford makes  the best plastic frames hands down and these are my favorites (hint: they *do* go on sale, and they're worth the wait!)

Marysia Antibes Bikini// To be honest, this will not be in my bag unless my body decides to drop several pounds and my bum opts to magically lift an inch or so overnight. But if I had an amazing figure, I'd buy this in a hot second; I'm obsessed (their instagram feed makes me want to weep daily) with this brand. Someday....

So what do you think? Like I said, I've never been to Tulum so I'm kind of flying blind.  if I'm missing something, I'm all ears; a lady (especially a lady traveling with two kids!)  has to be prepared...

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