Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Loving Lately // Amber Lewis's California Cool

 I'm sure everyone's heard that Boston is in the throes of a blizzard; I'm currently battening down the hatches and preparing vats of cozy soups and stews to keep the family (and a couple of neighbors) fed over the next couple of days.

Maybe it's Stormaggedon raging outside or just the January blues but for whatever reason, I've been so drawn to the ultra-California-cool interiors by Amber Lewis lately.

( via Amber Interiors )
They're a wonderful blend of hand-hewn rustic and contemporary design featuring white walls and a neutral palette that highlights wonderful visual pops of color from textiles and carpets that incorporate texture and artistry in to the design.
( via Amber Interiors )
While there's much to admire in every space she creates, I'm most taken with the way that she blends simplicity with artistic exuberance. Her spaces usually feature a base of white fabrics (how perfectly would this blanket work in her bedroom spaces?), worn woods and metals, and traditional tribal textiles (she loves to incorporate traditional Hmong textiles which are a long-time favorite of mine).

( via Amber Interiors )
Her spaces are quintessentially California but with a little local-tweaking, these interiors could -- and should -- feel at home in any locale (I'd love to use her as inspiration for a beach house project!). So regardless of whether you're in LA or Charleston, Portland or, well, Portland, she's definitely worth checking out; she's got a fabulous blog, a great online shop (or shoppe)  and a great Instagram account.

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