Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Agate Necklace Love (with a discount!)


I can't remember the exact moment that I became infatuated with agate slice pendant necklaces but my best guess that it started after I saw a couple in my Instagram feed. Regardless of how it began, I fell. Hard. There's something both refined and edgy about them that I was instantly attracted to; it's a juxtaposition that makes them work perfectly with almost any outfit.

After coveting them from afar, I decided to track down someone who made them in the States (trying  to buy US-made stuff is really important to me) and that's how I found Lindsay Lou Jewelry. Based in Indiana, designer Lindsay Hack makes gorgeous jewelry of all kinds (loving the vintage bus token necklaces) that are so fairly priced; nothing in her store is over $40 and the agates range from $20-$35 depending on size. I bought the two in the picture above and am completely obsessed with both of them (one was supposed to be a gift for my mother-in-law but I'm getting more attached by the day; it may end up staying with me because I adore the way they look stacked); they look amazing with a t-shirt & cardigan, these matte crepe blouses that I seem to be wearing daily, even this drapey top that I'll be sporting for a upcoming date night (yes, I've already picked out my outfit; I'm a nerd like that).

These would make amazing holiday gifts for friends, sisters & mothers-in-law (if you can bear to part with them) and since Lindsay is offering my readers an additional discount of 15% off of anything from her Facebook page or her Instagram feed with the code MVD15 (just contact her at lindsayloujewelry@gmail.com to let her know what you're interested in. She does have an etsy shop but she's been a little too busy at shows to give it any love for the past few months); you can check a lot of people off your list in a matter of minutes!

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