Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The $10 All-Natural Facial Mask That Saved My Skin (and My Sanity)


Several years ago, in the winter right after I had my son and my hormones were going nuts, my skin was a hot mess. I was breaking out like a teenager with a serious addition to soda and pizza and I was desperate to find a way to clear up my skin. I went to a local spa to get a facial and while chatting about my desire to find an all-natural product that I could use at home, she filled me in on her own favorite product called Aztec Secret's Indian Healing Clay. Given that she had glowing skin, I immediately picked some up on my way home and have been using it ever since.

The woman I spoke to told me to mix the clay 1-to-1 with apple cider vinegar (although I know some people opt to just mix it with water or use a different ratio) and that's been my modus operandi every time I use the mask. The process couldn't be easier:  you mix it up, smear it all over your face (and neck!) and wait approximately 20 minutes (or until it's totally dry and cracking) before washing it off with warm water and applying a moisturizer like this one. The vinegar and the bentonite creates this amazing tingling sensation; my pores look smaller as soon as I wash it off and my skin is much more clear and healthy in general.

It's become a winter staple for me and I've come to look forward to the (somewhat messy) ritual of it all ... and I practically crow when I see the results after each .60 cent mask application (after the 30 minutes of post-mask redness goes down). Nothing else I've ever tried has come close to giving me the same results -- tighter pores, fewer breakouts, and generally more "life" to my skin -- and it honestly couldn't be more simple.

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