Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thrifted Thursday (on a Wednesday) // Lucite Drum Table

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I have a serious thing for lucite (aka acrylic); it works with any style, takes up very little space visually (making it a wonderful choice for small spaces) and, well, it's got flair. I am not alone in this love; walk into any home store these days and you undoubtedly see lucite and if it's vintage it will undoubtedly cost a fortune. So when I stumbled across this table for $25 ($25!), I practically spit out my coffee.

// Lucite Drum Table //
Yes, there's a chip in the glass. And a weird drilled hole. And it needs a cleaning. But with a new glass top  ($50-80 depending on thickness) or heck, a stack of strategically-placed books, this little table could be a stellar addition to pretty much any space.

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