Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thrifted Thursday // Mid-Century Chest

// via Remodelista //

I love using small-scale bureaus in lieu of traditional bedside tables. Not only do they provide more storage (and who isn't looking for extra storage space??) but they also have the added benefit of additional height over typical bedside tables so lamps are at a better height for reading in bed. Given my continuing love affair (I used them in our master bedroom as well as those of several clients), it's no surprise that when I came across this week's Thrifted Thursday item, I fell in love immediately.


If I purchased this gorgeous mid-century chest  replete with lovely brass pulls, I'd pop it into a master or guest bedroom in a hot second. I'd place it on one side of the bed with a desk (love this one) or a table on the other that's roughly the same height, have a matched pair of lamps on either side (if surfaces are different heights, use a stack off books under the lamp to make them even) to give it a sense of continuity and call it a day. Simple. Gorgeous. Done.

No, it's not the most inexpensive piece that I've ever highlighted but it's already been refinished (read: no work for you! Yay!) and local delivery is available at a very reasonable price. I've actually also had experience with these sellers; a client recently purchased a beautiful navy bureau from them and is extremely happy so I can vouch for their workmanship.

But if bureaus aren't your cup of tea (or you don't want to spend that much), how about this fabulously classic and chic Victorian brass umbrella stand for -- wait for it --  $20? Riiighhht??? Right.  Just have a piece of glass cut to fit the base and put it by a window in your entryway, hallway, mud room, etc. and watch this little gem reflect light around the space in a really cool and unusual way. Trust me, it'll look gorgeous.