Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The End of My Affair (with Moroccan Oil)

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I have a lot of semi-curly fine hair so I really need to add product after washing to avoid massive tangle and frizz issues.  And now that I have my hair colored to cover my ever-increasing grays (yay for the stresses of parenting!), I also really need some help in the shine department. For over five years, I relied heavily Moroccan Oil to help me with all of the above but I always struggled with how annoying it was to get the right amount out of the bottle, how difficult it was to avoid leaky messes while traveling (a serious consideration when you're shuttling back and forth from home to the Cape on a weekly basis throughout the summer months) and how darned expensive those miscalculations were given the price of even the tiniest of bottles.

So when I read this post last month, I immediately ordered a bottle of Alfaparf's Semi Di Lino Diamonte Cristalli Liquidi (how's that for a mouthful?). OH MY GOD people, Moroccan who?!?! This stuff is amazing. Not only does it have a pump top (2 pumps is the perfect amount for me) but my hair is smoother and has more shine ... and the smell?? Divine. It's got an "only the Italians c/would do it" sexy men's cologne vibe going on that had me at hello.

And now the best part -- the price! A travel-sized bottle of Moroccan Oil ran me roughly $20 and would last 2-3 months. The travel-size Semi Di Lino costs less than $10 and I have to use way less product.

I'm a complete convert and now I'm eying some more items from their product line. Anyone have any experience with this? I think I'm going to ask Santa to drop it in my stocking.

*** PS -- Given the fact that most of us will be busy stuffing our faces in just a couple of days, I'll be posting this week's Thrifted Thursday tomorrow and will be back to my regular Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday posting schedule next week! ***

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