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Original Art at Affordable Prices

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I'm ALWAYS on the look-out for affordable, original art. Creating a home that really reflects the people living in it demands that people invest in things that resonate with them. Unfortunately, art -- one of the best ways to successfully do just that -- is often the thing that my very intelligent, very talented, very stylish clients often struggle with the most. Based on conversations that I've had with them, I think it's the fear of making a costly mistake or the assumption that good art is just too expensive. But I can promise you that that it is possible to find gorgeous, meaningful original artwork that costs less than the mass-produced crap that people seem intent on cramming into their homes. That probably seems like a judgmental statement. Well, it was. Crap is crap; sorry, not sorry. 

I don't know how many times I've repeated it during client meetings: the difference between a model house and a welcoming home is how much "you" resides within the walls. Art is your way of conversing -- with yourself, your family and the larger world -- without saying a thing. Don't have a boring conversation, be someone with an interesting point of view! So, without further ado, here's a round-up of some of my favorite affordable original works from six different artists that I've found cruising the interwebs in the past week:

affordable art

Chris Gillis (#1, #2): Chris Gillis captures the light of Cape Cod in such a beautiful  & unique way. I own two pieces by him and had to consider the consequences a little before sharing him with the wider world (but I promised to share so share I did). His work is stunning ... and outrageously affordable.

Sorcha Moon (#3, #4, #5): These little works on canvas are little treasures; every time I see her subject matter, I'm mesmerized by how much life she's painted into her animal subjects. And that coyote skull is so beautifully weird in all the right ways; might not appeal to some but it would be perfect in certain spaces.

DueAlberi (#6, #7): It's all about scale with these pieces created in a partnership between Italian artists Antonia & Fabio (of course they have uber-sexy Italian names). Their abstract works on canvas and paper -- often in sizes as large as 36"x 48" are just. so. striking. Yes, they are shipping from Europe *but* they have several fantastic pieces on paper ... which means shipping costs are relatively low.

Marin Devine (#8, #9): These fun pop-art inspired pieces just make me happy. And some of her large-scale abstracts pack real punch!

Christian Chaize (#10, #11):  You may have seen this French photographer's work in the pages of House Beautiful & Elle Decor. He's one of the design world's new darlings and it's not surprising; his work is incredible. But he's new enough that it's still relatively affordable (note the "still" there folks, read: ain't gonna stay that way for long).

John Shanabrook (#12, #13): These oils are just magical. I want one but quite honestly, I can't pick my favorite (though #13 might end up being the one that makes the cut). As a country girl living in the big city, these images capture childhood memories in a way that no other works have. Night-time walks through the fields & pastures anyone? Mmhmm, exactly.

If these pieces don't appeal to you, don't fret. There are so many amazing online outlets for art. Spend a little time on etsy, eBay & 20x200 and you're sure to find something that appeals to you. As I've shown in several posts (like this and this and this), art doesn't have to be a painted canvas or a bronze sculpture to be intriguing but I must say,  there is something about having an original work in your collection -- one that captures an artist's perspective regarding something that has personal meaning to you -- that is undeniably special. In buying it, you are sharing a moment with its creator. And in sharing that moment with anyone who enters your home you are, in turn, making the world a bigger place for everyone involved. In the immortal words of Martha, it's a beautiful thing.

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