Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mentioning Unmentionables

Today I'm gonna talk about knickers. Underwear. Panties. (Shudder; I hate that word more than anything.)  But not the lingerie type ... so boys (all six of you)? I'll wait while you all sign off  (but come back tomorrow for a gender-neutral post!) ...

<<cue the Muzak>>

... okay, now that it's just us ladies, let's chat.

Before I had kids, I was really into lingerie. I loved the idea of  a sexy little something under my clothes and -- very important to note -- I had the time to hand wash it and knew that someone under three feet tall wasn't going to find it and charge around the house wearing my bikini briefs around her neck and demanding dinner guests praise her ensemble in detail (if you can't tell, I'm still a little sore about that one). I am lucky enough to have a mother who travels to Europe frequently so between the lingerie lists I sent off with her and my adoration of these lovelies which I purchased in bulk when on sale, my trousseau was pretty spectacular.

And then I had kids. And a job. And tons of mind-suckingly-awful loads of laundry. And those wonderful bits of lace were, for the most part, either shoved to the back of my lingerie drawer or destroyed in a matter of months because I wasn't hand-washing anything that hadn't just covered him/herself in pureed carrots.

Eureka!A comfortable, highly-affordable and non-hideous option!

After that, I tried seamless options from at least 10 different brands but everything was either hideous or hideously uncomfortable. And then, one day I stumbled on these  and these at Target. It was a pivotal life moment: they are pretty (for seamless underwear, let's not go overboard), they are flattering, they are incredibly affordable and -- best part -- they are machine washable.

So now you know pretty much everything about me. I hope I'm not over-sharing here (feel free to tell me if I am!) but I promised myself when I started this little blog that I would share all kinds of information ... and now I have. {Gulp}.


  1. Cute blog! thanks for this tip!! I really needed some new underwear and Im heading to target this morning!

  2. I am glad to know that these are comfortable! I have almost bought them many times but figured they would just ride up.
    I think I'm going to Target today, anyway :)


    1. They are incredibly comfortable; I actually find myself consistently reaching for them over my HankiePankies...