Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bold & Beautiful // Floor Lamp Favorites

// Via Carla Aston //

I'm currently on the hunt for floor lamps for several clients; the projects are very different but each space is screaming for something with some serious scale and/or presence. Since I've been doing so much research on them, I figured I'd share a round-up of some of my favorite affordable options.

floor lamp options_flat

Most are less than $250.00 (although I couldn't resist putting one in there that's $450.00; it's just so pretty ... the next chance I get to invest in a lamp for myself, the MFL-3 is MINE) and all can work with a myriad of styles.

A final word to the wise: remember to measure the larger arc lamps in your room before ordering; you don't want to be surprised by the scale when they arrive and some of these guys are big.

1.) Loden Arc Floor Lamp Base (does not include shade): $87.99
2.) Industrial Task Floor Lamp in Brass & Black: $159.00 (on sale!)
3.) Joint Floor Lamp: $299.00
4.) Big Dipper Arc Floor Lamp: $199.00
5.) Apollo Lamp: $129.99
6.) Black Ion Floor Lamp: $273.99
7.) Peek Floor Lamp: $189.99
8.) Adesso Essex Arc Lamp: $219.99
9.) Grasshopper Floor Lamp in Brass & Black: $268.00
10.) MFL-3 Standing Lamp, 3 Arm in Black: $449.00
11.) Phillips Arch Floor Lamp: $161.00

So ... what do you think? Do you have any experience with any of these? Am I missing something?

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