Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thrifted Thursday // Vintage Advertising

//via Country Living//
After this post on how to display a collection, I thought a Thrifted Thursday showing something that could serve as the start of an amazing one might be a good idea. And this large vintage wooden sign (it's 5 feet long and 2 feet tall; perfect for that empty space above french doors) for $150.00 is a very good idea.

To be completely candid, I have a real thing for signs. I have a collections of antique wooden signs, vintage tin ones and early 20th century advertising wood blocks and I have them all over the place (someday, I will actually photograph my own house and show you all. Some day.). And why not? They're affordable (if you look in the right places), generally large in scale (read: affordable large-scale artwork!), are usually hand-made and are often filled with textures and details only time and use can create.

//via Remodelista//
The trick to displaying signs in your home is to make sure that they're authentic (or an insanely good copy) because I can promise you that everyone can tell when they're not (when I see faux vintage advertising, I can practically smell the Chesapeake Candle Company candle spewing a cloying "Apple Cinnamon Delight" odor into my older cousin's cluttered kitchen circa 1995; trust me when I say that's not a good thing).

//via Country Living//
If you're not in the Boston area but like the idea adding some signage to your walls, here are a few with shipping available.



I'm a little obsessed with this vintage wooden trade sign; wouldn't this look fabulous mounted on the wall? Or leaning on a mantle? L-O-V-E...

So what do you think of using signs? Love it? Hate it? Hate me for dissing your candle collection? Let me know....

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