Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thrifted Thursday // Enamel-Top Table

Did anyone notice the vintage enamel table serving as a writing desk peaking out on the left in my post on the Salt House Inn last week? No? Then you missed out. Enamel-topped tables are great; the mix of materials (wooden leg, enamel top) lends itself to a variety of styles and the white color makes it feel fresh.  Which is why it can be hard to find one that's plain white ... but not today!

For $58, this little beauty could be yours. Personally? I'd paint/spray that drawer pull another color -- navy blue? Red? Gold? There are a million options, you could even paint the legs to give it a little more kick. If you're into that sort of thing. And I am.

And if you're not looking for a desk, what about a coffee table for a living room or playroom? Just cut those legs down, add some levelers (unless you're a wiz with a saw)  and you're in business. Bonus point: the enamel is incredibly forgiving when it comes to play-dough, markers, crayons, etc. Just wipe and go; good as new.

**PS - I actually went to the shop that has this item yesterday; it's worth the trip just to check out the other treasures. I (i.e. my clients) made out like a bandit; totally worth a little trip up there!**


  1. How do you find this stuff? I never find good stuff on Craigs List. Maybe the Providence CL just isn't as good.

  2. Staceygirl -- It's really all about patience, checking every day and having a list of "go to" key words. And Providence has some great stuff; I've found some fabulous treasures there so don't get discouraged!