Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thrifted Thursday // All Things Bright & Beautiful


For the past three years or so, the over-dyed rug trend has been a growing one. From Elle Decor to Metropolitan Home, these rugs have been popping up everywhere:  living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms ... even kitchens.

So, you might be asking yourself, "What is an "over-dyed rug" exactly?" Well, it's essentially either a vintage or new (usually) wool carpet that has been secondarily (and recently) dyed so that the rug has a color wash over the original pattern.

I must admit that I find myself growing a little tired of some of them (if I see one more voilet-colored version in one of my magazines, I'm going to throw up a little in my mouth), I do still love a lot of  the blue versions I see.

And so, apparently, does everyone else. Because from ABC Carpet to eBay, the blue versions tend to go for the most money. And with reason. They seem --at least to me -- the most versatile of the various styles. There is a classic quality to the blue that makes it work with a lot more styles. So I was really excited to come across this on Craig's List yesterday...

blue_carpet's a really lovely, brand "new" (i.e. newly over-dyed)  blue over-dyed rug with a simplified design that will work with a myriad of styles. And it's a great size -- roughly 5x8 --  for $250.


This guy would look great in a living room or den, a bedroom, a play room (it'll hide dirt like no other) ... pretty much anywhere.

If you're out of Boston-area and are looking for something similar, have no fear. There are lots of great places to find something similar. Here's one version (a little more expensive) but if that doesn't work, check out eBay and etsy for more options at every size.

So ... what do you think of the over-dyed craze? Love it? Hate it? "Meh" either way?

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