Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Loving Lately // Banana Plants

//Traditional Home//

Unless you've been under a rock (read: aren't a certain someone *cough*  who obsesses mightily over images in shelter publications, blogs & Instagram *cough, cough*), you've probably noticed the fiddle leaf fig plants that have popped up online, in magazines and in catalogs across the globe.

And no wonder, they are stunning. And once you've figured out how to avoid killing them (hint: filtered light and don't feed them until the soil is completely dry), they're pretty sturdy to boot. I have one in my home and I smile every time I see it. She reminds me of a plucky spinster aunt.  Weird analogy? Yes but these plants have punch I tell you, PUNCH.

BUT -- and this is a big but -- it's hard to find them in the New England area (apparently though, it's really easy to find them in the South -- damn you Southern people!) and the large "tree-like" ones are not cheap (like $200 up north but around $50-100 to the south and West of the snow country). That can be a hard sell for some of my less foliage-centric clients ...  so I was on the look-out for something with some wow factor that was easy to find, worked in a variety of different interiors, and didn't cost and arm and a leg.

//MI Interiors//

Enter the banana plant. 

These suckers are HUGE -- real showstoppers -- and should be used carefully. If you place them improperly they are *very* Miami Vice (which isn't a bad thing per se, I still hold a candle for Crockett & Tubbs, but I'm not sure if I want my house to serve as an homage to them). But used correctly -- i.e. allowing them the space they need to shine (generally as part of a larger vignette, flanking an entrance, cozied up to a chair, etc.) -- they are interior landscaping GOLD. And since IKEA currently has the 4'-5' versions for @$20 and most garden centers carry them for around the same price, it's not a huge investment.

So ... what do you think about the burgeoning banana plant popularity? Are you in? Out? Or is there some other large-scale houseplant out there who's moment is coming?

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