Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thrifted Thursday // Vintage Fur-Covered Stools in Boston (and beyond)

sallywheatinterior_living room

I've been seeing so many spaces these days -- like this one by the very talented team at Sally Wheat Interiors -- that highlight these gorgeous fur stools. And why wouldn't they?  Those puppies are so soft and inviting that I can hardly bear it. I want. ALOT. But at $950/stool it's not in the realm of reality for many people (*cough* me).

So what's a person on a beer budget to do when she's got champagne taste?

Enter these little Parisian beauties...


This pair of vintage French swivel stools with chrome bases have been recently recovered in a faux fur and while I wouldn't say that I'm exactly crazy about the current cover, I think a quick DIY re-do using this sheepskin (or even cowhide though this would demand a little more DIY prowess) would do A LOT to raise the bar on these two. And at $130 for the pair, even with the re-upholstery, it's pretty darn affordable. The lines are beautiful and the scale is *just* right. Like Goldilocks in the proverbial chair.

I imagine these guys standing sentry in front of a traditional fireplace ... adding a little bit of rock and roll glamour to an otherwise bland bit o' space.

And for those of you not in Boston who are looking for something similar, take a gander at this little bit of lovely.


This stool is beautifully-proportioned and insanely priced at $55.00 and would add a lot of punch to pretty much any spot in your house. But if you're interested, pick one up sooner rather than later; this is really popular amongst designers & stylists for all the reasons listed above and sells out frequently.

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