Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thrifted Thursday // Mid-Century Chairs in Boston


So you need some dining chairs. And you need a matching set. And you want something with clean, classic lines that will work with everything else in your home.

So you fall in love with chairs like these ...
windsor chairs copy copy

// 1. // 2. // 3. //

... but you're not loving the $300-$800/chair price tag. So what do you do? YOU BUY THESE. These four (!) matching (!!) puppies are gorgeous and in great shape from the looks of it.


Imagine them around a tulip table (could be real, could be the IKEA knock-off, I'm not judging), at the head & foot of a farm table with Tolix chairs running along the length (and two extras for additional seating) or heck, hang them on the wall all Shaker-style and stuff. The lines on these guys means the sky's the limit: leave them as is, paint them ... whatever you want to do with them, they can take it. 


Best part? They're $160 for the set. That's $40/chair, people, $40 PER CHAIR! It's like the magical chair fairy came down, saw you and waved her magical wand. It's that good. Really. Now, go buy them. You can thank me later.

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